Campfire Song

I want to linger – Girl Scout Campfire Song

Mmm-mm I want to linger
Mmm-mm a little longer
Mmm-mm a little longer here with you

Mmm-mm It’s such a perfect night
Mmm-mm it doesn’t seem quite right
Mmm-mm this is our very last night with you

Mmm-mm And come September
Mmm-mm we’ll all remember
Mmm-mm Camp Wintaka friendships true

Mmm-mm And as the years go by
Mmm-mm I’ll think of you and sigh
Mmm-mm this is good night but not good-bye

Intermittent Bug

National Museum of History computer bug log book
First Computer Bug

In 1947, engineers working on the Mark II computer at Harvard University found a moth stuck in one of the components. They taped the insect in their logbook and labeled it “first actual case of bug being found.” The words “bug” and “debug” soon became a standard part of the language of computer programmers.  National Museum of American History


Attempting to make a living on the internet for my clients and myself,  I was very frustrated when the satellite signal strength plummeted (from an average in the high 70s) way low to 13 last week. I have a backup plan, but in a rural area this entails driving to the library and hooking up to a public system. After a few hours there, I had so many “bots”, I had to run scans just to navigate to my own website.

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A note to preschoolers’ moms

Dear Moms of Preschoolers…

Here  is a report that goes into waaaay too much detail to make my point, but it does make my point :)

And my point is:
Preschoolers are more interested in the “process” than the “performance”.  As we enter the recital season, you may be tempted to admonish your young dancer with a little pressure to get their performance “right”.

The fact that they are on the stage is the success story here.  They are there for the experience, and may not respond well to our grown-up standards of performance.  They will be extremely cute, and they will try, and they will steal the show.

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The Virtual Wall – Vietnam Memorial

The Virtual Wall – Vietnam Memorial

Vietnam Memorial Wall photographed by Mary Ann Sullivan

The Vietnam Veterans’ War Memorial resides in Washington, D.C.  I haven’t seen the actual memorial, but know that standing in front of it,– it touches you,– and you feel compelled to touch it.*

A few years ago, a traveling memorial came through town and my husband, myself and my three young sons went to see it.  One of the features of this traveling memorial is that you can locate the name of someone you know and see it carved there in the black marble.

I had attended high school and gone through church youth group with a young man who was killed in Vietnam.

I choked up and could not speak…

I thought I would look for his name.  The names are arranged chronologically by date of death.  It is overwhelming to search for a name, so one must ask a docent for help.  I approached the table and was totally unprepared for my response.

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Political Angst

I was part of a “political” discussion on one of my high school Facebook groups, and I seem to be the only corporate memory of what took place…

Here it is as best as I can recall:

It seems a fellow student was running for student government in the late 60s when we were all juniors in high school. He took the odd detour from his prepared speech, and said in-effect (after some hemming and hawing), “It doesn’t matter who you elect for student offices — The administration has full control of this school and nothing will ever change.” Continue reading