Venison for Lunch

Venison for Lunch

Venison for lunch? Yes, — this quick(ish) crockpot meal cooks while you are in your tree-stand or toodling around working from home.

We used (mostly) thawed  2-lb venison roast set in the pot at about 6 am. Note: you can prepare the crockpot the night before and ask the first one up to put the meat in the crockpot (turning once to coat).

Use rice to complement and add steam or sauteed stir-fry-type vegetables.

At approximately 150* degrees F, the interior is still a bit rare and oh so delicious!

*My husband-the-adventurous says that 140 degrees F is sufficient, but I like it a bit more done.

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Venison, Sweet-Potato Chili with Chipotle

Venison, Sweet-Potato Chili with Chipotle

This venison slow-cooker recipe combines the appeal of sweet-potatoes with spicy chipotle heat. If you require less spice, lessen the added chili powder.

Start with Tender Venison

Some packets of meat have been labeled “stir-fry”. Those are the small bits from around the steaks that are left over after trimming the fat. These bits are perfect for this recipe. You might also use venison stew meat, but a little longer in the pot — to promote tenderness — would be advised.


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Sweet-potato meh to Wow!

Though not a fan of sweet-potato dishes, I love their beautiful color and economical abundance in the fall. They’re good for you too ;)

Therefore, I created this recipe to satisfy the requirement for sweet-potatoes on the menu during the holidays.

Cooking is best with collaborators ;)

However, my son gets credit for suggesting I use chipotle peppers. They add a slight smokiness that is quite appealing with the venison and sweet-potatoes. This addition got raves from guests who like spicy food.

Make it family friendly…

In conclusion, — for a family meal, I would tone down the spices quite a bit.

Fresh Blueberry Muffins

Fresh Blueberry Muffins

CabinCrick Bakes Blueberry Muffins
Blueberry muffin recipe.

Some notes on the blueberry muffins made after a trip to Costco where fresh blueberries were in season. These blueberry muffins are super fun to eat as blueberry flavor bursts from the muffin to your taste buds.







Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation

Dan Pink: The Puzzle of Motivation

Motivation — that illusive component

I found this talk informative,– and I guess five million other people did too.

I’ve discovered TED talks (which can be found at and once in awhile my thinking is challenged, as it was today.

Dan Pink speaks on “The Puzzle of Motivation”. Enjoy!

Autonomy –  independence or freedom, as of the will or one’s actions: the autonomy of the individual.

This is a 21st Century skill. Perhaps it’s more of a desire. What keeps the autonomous individual from becoming lazy? What keeps student directed learning (autonomy) from becoming an avenue to low performance?

Perhaps you have some ideas? Please comment below :)

Some things That You Know Are True until you Realize – They Aren’t

Some things That You Know Are True until you Realize – They Aren’t


Hello, just sharing my worst “aHa!” moment of 2015 :)

“I am Johannes Bohannon, Ph.D. Well, actually my name is John, and I’m a journalist. I do have a Ph.D., but it’s in the molecular biology of bacteria, not humans. The Institute of Diet and Health? That’s nothing more than a website.

“Other than those fibs, the study was 100 percent authentic. My colleagues and I recruited actual human subjects in Germany. … It was, in fact, a fairly typical study for the field of diet research. Which is to say: It was terrible science. The results are meaningless, and the health claims that the media blasted out to millions of people around the world are utterly unfounded.

“Here’s how we did it. …”

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