Fast Fix for Photos

fish photo resized

Photo Fixes (resize)

Got a new camera.

Took a few photos.

Sent one to the relatives….

Then checked my “sent” folder to admire my work and… WHAT?! — that photo is four times bigger than my monitor!

That’s when one realizes that no one is going to easily see that photo, and that Uncle Cedric is going to chastise me (once again) for hosing up his email stream.

Sometimes the same thing happens to a blog post. You thought you had a beautifully focused photo that was perfect, — but it loads sooo slooowly.  This problem may be driving traffic away from your beautiful blog.  Short attention span.

There is an easy fix. You can go out on the web and use a program that will optimize images for you, — or you can use the Windows Paint program on your computer.

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