One of my favorite albums…

…as worship albums go…

I get stuck on one or the other for awhile. I have been listening to this one – on and off – for over a year. Whenever I come back to it, I am impressed at how refreshing it is. I do know some of the artists and the back-story and I’m equally impressed with the really-really trained musicians and the “untrained” on this CD.

Ellensburg Resonate Church worship albumsI was able to obtain the CD, which might be hard to do if you aren’t local. Today I am posting the link to the Ellensburg Album on iTunes here.

I especially recommend track 11 – “Sweetest Name I Know”. Maybe it just stands out as the final touch to an album well done.

I will be listening for more from this church. I wish them the Lord’s blessing on all future projects.

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