One of my favorite albums…

…as worship albums go…

I get stuck on one or the other for awhile. I have been listening to this one – on and off – for over a year. Whenever I come back to it, I am impressed at how refreshing it is. I do know some of the artists and the back-story and I’m equally impressed with the really-really trained musicians and the “untrained” on this CD.

Ellensburg Resonate Church worship albumsI was able to obtain the CD, which might be hard to do if you aren’t local. Today I am posting the link to the Ellensburg Album on iTunes here.

I especially recommend track 11 – “Sweetest Name I Know”. Maybe it just stands out as the final touch to an album well done.

I will be listening for more from this church. I wish them the Lord’s blessing on all future projects.

Campfire Song

I want to linger – Girl Scout Campfire Song

Mmm-mm I want to linger
Mmm-mm a little longer
Mmm-mm a little longer here with you

Mmm-mm It’s such a perfect night
Mmm-mm it doesn’t seem quite right
Mmm-mm this is our very last night with you

Mmm-mm And come September
Mmm-mm we’ll all remember
Mmm-mm Camp Wintaka friendships true

Mmm-mm And as the years go by
Mmm-mm I’ll think of you and sigh
Mmm-mm this is good night but not good-bye

A note to preschoolers’ moms

Dear Moms of Preschoolers…

Here  is a report that goes into waaaay too much detail to make my point, but it does make my point :)

And my point is:
Preschoolers are more interested in the “process” than the “performance”.  As we enter the recital season, you may be tempted to admonish your young dancer with a little pressure to get their performance “right”.

The fact that they are on the stage is the success story here.  They are there for the experience, and may not respond well to our grown-up standards of performance.  They will be extremely cute, and they will try, and they will steal the show.

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I am not skilled to understand…

My Savior, My God by Aaron Shust seems appropriate today.

It is a little known fact (among my circle of friends) that the words were originally written as a hymn by Dorothy Greenwell in 1873.

Thanks be to Aaron Shust for adding the bridge “My Savior lives. My Savior loves. My Savior’s always there for me. / My God He was. My God He is. My God He’s always ‘gonna’ be.” and re-packaging this wonderful poetry from the 19th Century. Continue reading