A note to preschoolers’ moms

Dear Moms of Preschoolers…

Here  is a report that goes into waaaay too much detail to make my point, but it does make my point :)

And my point is:
Preschoolers are more interested in the “process” than the “performance”.  As we enter the recital season, you may be tempted to admonish your young dancer with a little pressure to get their performance “right”.

The fact that they are on the stage is the success story here.  They are there for the experience, and may not respond well to our grown-up standards of performance.  They will be extremely cute, and they will try, and they will steal the show.

So please don’t put a lot of pressure or expectation on them at this point.

My older students put this pressure on themselves.  For a preschooler, performing should just be fun.

In the recital, they will have a chance to show their “free” dance as a group, — after the scripted dance.  (I will do my best to not let this become a time to run up and down the aisles – lol).  A crowd of parents and grandparents can be rather intimidating, and I expect they will stay pretty close to the front stage area.

So ask yourself:

Have they learned about personal space?
Have they learned to follow directions?
Have they explored the space in the room?
Have they learned to move in a variety of ways?

The answer is YES!  and that is why this year has already been a success for them developmentally.

I am spending some time this summer to attend a conference about leading preschoolers in music and movement.  I will be so excited to use what I learn there in the coming years’ classes.

Thank you for bringing your kids to my class!

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