ya yrmom is on facebook

social media statisticsThere’s nothing quite like a statistic to make you feel in touch with your world. And there is nothing quite like a statistic to make you feel out-of-touch with your world.

250,000,000 photos is a lot of pixels

Barack Obama’s victory tweet was the most retweeted tweet ever with over 800K retweets. (source: The Guardian)  This really was predictable and did not surprise me.

But, I find this hard to believe (NOT) = 85 percent of women are annoyed by their friends on Facebook. (source: AllTwitter)

The top 5 of the top 100 hash tags on Instagram are #love, #instagood, #me, #tbt and #cute. (source: Statigram)  #love is before #me? Well, that might be #instagood.

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Spicy Sweet Potatoes :) Yumm!

spicy sweet potato recipe

I wasn’t going to cook for Thanksgiving…

…and the best way to avoid that is to volunteer at a community dinner where everyone cooks and everyone enjoys.  This is in the spirit of Thanksgiving anyway, — no?  Remember it was a community gathering on the first Thanksgiving.

Four days before the event I asked what they needed.  "Nobody has volunteered to bring sweet potatoes", was the reply.

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I am not skilled to understand…

My Savior, My God by Aaron Shust seems appropriate today.

It is a little known fact (among my circle of friends) that the words were originally written as a hymn by Dorothy Greenwell in 1873.

Thanks be to Aaron Shust for adding the bridge “My Savior lives. My Savior loves. My Savior’s always there for me. / My God He was. My God He is. My God He’s always ‘gonna’ be.” and re-packaging this wonderful poetry from the 19th Century. Continue reading