Is your website mobile friendly?


Just a short post here to let you know that if you have heard the rumor that Google will only rank mobile friendly sites after April 21st – well apparently it is true.

Not to worry. Google has a tool that you can use to check and see if it passes their test.

Go to this URL

and type in your website. You will see a test run right before your eyes and soon know if your website can be considered “mobile friendly”.

Have Fun!

Installing Salient WordPress Theme

This is actually not hard – and can be done from the WordPress Dashboard. Apparently lots of us stumble on this point, because it is listed as a FAQ on the support site. If you just fly by the seat of your pants on this and try to upload the themeforest zip – you will get an error “no style sheet” – and think: “…oh, oh. I’ll have to go through the back-door (ftp)”.

Not true :) Listen up!

Download your new Salient Theme (after purchase) and save it somewhere you will remember on your hard drive (or equivalent).

Un-zip the downloaded zip file remembering the location you have chosen.

Within that first downloaded zip file, you will find all the Dummy Data you need, — and — another Salient zip file!

Couldn’t be easier. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Appearance >> Themes >> Add New (at the top of the Themes page).

Upload the zip that was within the original ThemeForest zip file ( and you will see Salient appear as an installed theme.

If you took the time to cruise the Salient Demo, you will know what type of Dummy Data will prove helpful. Dummy Data is merely properly set up “place-holders” that are especially useful if you are setting up this Theme for a new blog. Dummy Data may help you understand how the Theme works and/or how to achieve the look you wanted from the Demo.

If you liked the Ascend version of Salient, you will need to install the Ascend Child Theme.

Well that’s enough for today. Be sure to check out the Salient tutorials for set up, and the helpful PDF instructions (salient-user-guide) included in the original downloaded zip-file.

Installing a WordPress Premium Theme

Recently, a client wanted a theme update. She had purchased Salient theme which she found in Theme Forest. Try not to get overwhelmed!

From Theme Forest, click on WordPress tab to see what can be installed on your self-hosted site. (Only 5,013 choices at the time of this writing.)

Now do you feel like a kid in a candy shop?

I dare you to look along the left sidebar and choose among the “categories” or “tags” that suit your purpose. Think about what you are and do some exploring. Creative? Minimalist? Homey? Non-profit? Choose!

Oh my! Get a cup of coffee and start exploring. When you reach the spot that “feels like me” (or you in this case) — note what theme and other details you can.

Navigate to that theme’s website and look at all the permutations of that theme. You probably want this to fit you for at least two to three years, so choose wisely.

If you have an e-commerce site, don’t forget to be sure that fits easily into your theme, or you will be in for a lot of custom coding. (Expensive.)

If you already have a store on another site (like Shopify or 1 Shopping Cart) check their site to see if they will integrate with your website.

All themes on the market today should be “responsive” – meaning they “know” on which size screen they are displaying, and adjust on the fly. I would say, this is a must.

Other than that, you find what floats your boat – sliders, landing page, menus, social media – and get excited about the new look you are going to achieve.

We were pleased to find that this new theme (Salient) had documentation and videos to instruct about set up. All their demos gave us new ideas, and it was simple to create a whole new look.

Well, that’s enough for now. Go start poking about and find yourself a beaut WordPress Premium Theme!


One of my favorite albums…

…as worship albums go…

I get stuck on one or the other for awhile. I have been listening to this one – on and off – for over a year. Whenever I come back to it, I am impressed at how refreshing it is. I do know some of the artists and the back-story and I’m equally impressed with the really-really trained musicians and the “untrained” on this CD.

Ellensburg Resonate Church worship albumsI was able to obtain the CD, which might be hard to do if you aren’t local. Today I am posting the link to the Ellensburg Album on iTunes here.

I especially recommend track 11 – “Sweetest Name I Know”. Maybe it just stands out as the final touch to an album well done.

I will be listening for more from this church. I wish them the Lord’s blessing on all future projects.